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If you have a very decayed or damaged tooth then a dental crown could help restore look and function – allowing you to chew properly on the tooth without any discomfort.

A dental crown is tailor made for you, it covers the whole tooth to protect it and give it strength.

Crown are also often placed over a tooth that has had recent root canal treatment.

A crown enables us to restore strength to a tooth whilst also maintaining a natural feel and finish. Once you are used to it a crown will feel just the same as your other teeth- blending in perfectly as if it has always been there.

What is a crown made of?

Various materials can be used in the production of your crown. Often this will depend on where it will sit in your mouth. Very visible crowns can be made from porcelain or ceramic so that they look natural, whereas gold or metal alloys are often used for the back teeth where more strength and durability is required.

Either way, your crown will be matched in size and shape so that it fits perfectly alongside your existing teeth feeling comfortable, secure and strong.

Is there an alternative to a dental crown?

To be honest, if a crown is suggested then it’s quite likely there aren’t many other alternatives- apart from complete extraction of the tooth.

A standard filling could help to fix the problem in the short-term but it will probably only be a temporary solution. As it’s likely you’ll need a crown at some point in the future, often it is more cost-effective to place one in the first place- avoiding a waste of time and money.

The other option is complete removal of the tooth- however this is best avoided unless absolutely necessary as many issues can arise as a result of missing teeth.

As well as affecting your general self-confidence, a missing tooth can cause problems with eating and speech. A gap could cause your other teeth to slowly move and become crooked. Likewise, it is easier for food and bacteria to get trapped- potentially causing gum disease and tooth decay.

How much will my crown cost?

A good quality crown will cost from £495 up to £700 depending on the material that is used. Do bear in mind that they are very hard-wearing and durable and (with good maintenance and care) they have the potential to last for many years.

For many patients, they are a comfortable, strong and cost-effective way to restore their smile in the long-term.

How is a crown fitted?

Before we can place your new crown the original tooth will need to be prepared. This will involve removing any old fillings and reducing the tooth down under a local anaesthetic. This will make space for the crown to sit level with your other teeth. Once the original tooth is suitably prepared an impression will be taken and used to manufacture your crown.

During the manufacturing process (which should take around 2 weeks), a temporary acrylic crown will be placed on the tooth.

At your next appointment the crown will be checked for fit and size to ensure optimum comfort. Once you are happy, it will be securely fixed in place with a dental adhesive.

You will need to be careful with your crown in the first few hours and days after fitting- avoid biting on any hard foods so that you don’t cause any damage.

Remember that your crown could be damaged overtime by hard foods- attend regular dental check-ups so any problem can be spotted early.

If for any reason it does fall out contact us immediately for an emergency appointment.